No. All SteriShoe sanitizer parts are specific to the model they were designed for. The ONLY exception is the lamps for the SteriShoe Essential. If you have an Original SteriShoe sanitizer, it will take the same lamps as the SteriShoe Essential.

All SteriShoe sanitizers come with optional scent packs to add a pleasant fragrance to the shoe, which is placed in the back of the shoes (or in the SteriShoe+, in front of the fan compartment) for the fan to draw the scent from (not required for sanitization). Scent pouches are created with citrus essential oils.

  • Replacement scent pouches are $9.95 + shipping
  • 4 sets per box (8 total)

*Each set will last 2-3 weeks, depending on use

Our units are designed to be used with *most European currents with an adapter and will not short out due to differing voltage.

*Most does not mean ALL. SteriShoe sanitizer may short out in countries were the infrastructure is still developing, and currents are not consistent.

The SteriShoe+ has a 5W, more powerful, double lamp, sanitizes in just 15 minutes. And, has an added fan feature, with optional double click, that will run for up to 8 hours to dry out wet/sweaty shoes. The fan feature is great for outdoor or sports enthusiasts. This model also has as large controller disk, with pictures, descriptive words, and audible sounds for ease in troubleshooting. MSRP: $159.95.

The SteriShoe Essential has our standard 3W bulb and sanitizes in 45 minutes. This model does not have the large controller disk or fan feature and is smaller in size. This is a great option for people who just need a basic sanitizer, or a more compact unit for ease of travel. MSRP: $129.95

***Both units are universal in to shoe size. Each model has a different power cord, meaning the power cords are NOT universal between models.

Lamps are designed to last up to 2000 hours for the Essential/Original models, and up to 7000 hours for the SteriShoe+, depending on use and care. However, since UVC potency decreases overtime, we recommend replacing these lamps a minimum of every 2 years to ensure optimal germ-killing efficacy.

*Because UVC lamps degrade overtime, we do not recommend storing extra bulbs for future use. Replacement lamps cannot be returned or refunded for any reason. Lamps have a 60-day warranty period.

Authorized sellers of SteriShoe products include; www.pedifix.com, phone orders at 1-800-733-4349, and Partner Doctor Podiatrist Offices across the country. If you have purchased a unit from any other seller, they are not authorized to sell our products at this time, and your unit is not eligible for any warranty services. *eBay is NOT an authorized seller of SteriShoe products.

Please see the *Instruction Manual for your specified unit. Or, call our customer service team at 1-800-733-4349 for troubleshooting assistance. *links to Instruction Manuals page.

You can register your SteriShoe® sanitizer here Register. Just fill out our online form.

The SteriShoe® sanitizer comes with a limited one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. To see the full warranty, click here.

1-2 treatments with the SteriShoe® sanitizer should be sufficient to initially eliminate the odor causing bacteria from your shoes. We recommend using the SteriShoe® sanitizer after each time you wear a pair of shoes. Daily use guarantees that you always put your feet into a clean pair of shoes.