The SteriShoe® sanitizer is applied to the smelly shoes only. Just like you wash your socks, you need to clean your shoes. The offensive shoe smell is an indication of odor-causing bacteria living in your shoes. The SteriShoe® sanitizer eliminates up to 99.9% of odor causing bacteria in shoes. Sanitizing the inside of your shoes is a great way to provide a cleaner and healthier environment for your feet.
Insert your SteriShoe® sanitizer into your shoe, place in shoe bags provided, and press the on button. The SteriShoe® sanitizer will run for 15 or 45 minutes, depending on the model, and then a timer will automatically turn it off. It’s that simple. Click *here* to see the instruction manuals for the SteriShoe® sanitizer.
Shoe odor is primarily caused by bacteria in your shoes. The SteriShoe® sanitizer helps remove the source of shoe odor and smelly shoes by destroying up to 99.9% of the bacteria in your shoe using UV germicidal light.