Frequently Asked Questions

Ultraviolet light can be harmful if you look at it or bring it close to your skin. For these reasons, we have designed safety features into our SteriShoe® sanitizers to prevent the lamp from lighting when it is not enclosed in a shoe. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for your specified model for troubleshooting tips on how to overcome the safety features. You may also click here for more information.” *I would like the link to take them to the “Instruction Manuals” tab. But I would like the tab updated to “Instruction Manuals/Troubleshooting” to be more clear. The manuals do contain troubleshooting steps.

Authorized sellers of SteriShoe products include; www.sterishoe.com, phone orders at 866-686-7463, Amazon, and Partner Doctor Podiatrist Offices across the country. If you have purchased a unit from any other seller, they are not authorized to sell our products at this time, and your unit is not eligible for any warranty services. *eBay is NOT an authorized seller of SteriShoe products.