SteriShoe® UV Shoe Sanitizer Testimonials and Reviews

Today, we’d like to let our great customers and medical professionals tell you, in their own words, just how effective they’ve found the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer. Having helped more than 80,000 satisfied customers, we can’t thank you enough for trying SteriShoe and feeling compelled to let us know just how satisfied you are. Our goal is to help you fight shoe odor and foot infections and your feedback is extremely valuable in that pursuit! Medical Community Testimonials We’ve been featured on [...]


Why Foot Health is Important

Your feet were made for walking, and sometimes we can take their function for granted.  Because of their distance, sometimes they are out-of-sight and out-of-mind. It is important to remember, however, that the health of your feet impacts your overall health. Activities that we don’t think twice about when our feet are in great health, like walking to the mailbox, walking around a shopping center, taking a quick jog around the block, and even using our feet for balance, [...]