Why You May Want to Retire Your Slippers

Why You May Want to Retire Your Slippers

Wearing slippers around the house, especially during the colder months is quite common. Many people like to slip their feet into slippers upon padding around the house. In the new working-from-home era, slipper use has no doubt spiked. While there is nothing inherently wrong with wearing slippers — they’re pretty darn comfy and keep your toes warm — there are some risks and problems wearing poorly designed slippers. Below, we will discuss some of the potential risks that you may want to keep in mind when you buy a new pair of slippers, or when you slip your favorite pair on for the day. 

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Slippers do not support your feet at all, meaning they don’t support the rest of your body either. A common design flaw with flat, flimsy, and soft slippers is that they don’t provide enough support for your arches or plantar fascia (the dense strip of tissue that runs along the bottom of each foot. Slippers serve a role in switching off the muscles and proprioceptors of the feet, which contributes to lazier and less balanced feet. This essentially means that the foundations of your body are off, and this impacts how the rest of the body moves too. 

Poorly made slippers also do little in helping your feet absorb shock when walking, which can lead to lower limb pain.


Non-Breathable Fabric

Slippers are usually made to keep the heat of your feet in, suffocating the sweat glands in your feet and succeeding in keeping the moisture and bacteria in. Slippers made of synthetic fabric are not breathable at all, creating a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. If your feet are inside hot slippers all day without getting the chance to completely cool down and dry, then you are likely forcing your feet to endure infections, such as athlete’s foot. 

You should opt for slippers that are made of more breathable materials, like suede or wool, which will help you avoid these foot problems. Another solution, if you do have slippers made out of synthetic material, is to invest in SteriShoe. Featuring a built-in fan, SteriShoe will kill all of the bacteria within your slippers while also drying them out completely, making them safe for your feet once again.  


Slipper Soles

Slippers are notorious for the lack of grip they provide when you’re walking across most smooth surfaces. Wearing slippers with slippery soles increases your risk of losing your balance in seriously injuring yourself. If you have wooden, tiled, or vinyl stairs in your home, you should definitely consider slippers that have reliable soles that will grip the floor as you walk. 


Try SteriShoe Today

We love slippers, as most everyone does! But, we prefer that you buy high-quality slippers that support your posture and your feet. While buying cheap shoes at the moment may seem like a good idea, you will be eventually paying the consequences, whether it comes from a foot infection or a broken bone from falling down the stairs! Get slippers that help you live a healthy life, and get SteriShoe to help your feet stay safe and clean. Try SteriShoe, a podiatrist-recommended UV shoe sanitizer insert today.

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