Things You Should Be Doing For Your Feet

Things You Should Be Doing For Your Feet

Feet are just one of those body parts that many of us don’t give much thought or attention to. This can often lead to foot issues that could have been prevented, or at least resolved early on. Whether it is infections or foot injuries, there are things we don’t often pay attention to, or neglect, until the issues are glaring and we are forced to deal with them. Regardless of how you spend your days, there are likely some big gaps you could be filling in your foot care routine. Keep reading for some of the top things that you should be doing for your feet, which includes investing in the health of your feet with SteriShoe. SteriShoe is a shoe deodorizer and a shoe sanitizer. It uses UV light to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria that make their homes in your shoes, which can cause foot infections, shoe and foot odor, and more. Shop now.

Strength Work

The best way to keep your feet in good shape is to improve their flexibility and strength! This is especially important if you are working a desk job and don’t incorporate exercise or physical activities into your daily routine. Giving them a regular massage and working on stretching the muscles and ligaments within your feet can be great for improving foot health and function. 

While you’re lying or sitting down, you can draw circles with your feet, moving from your ankles. Repeat this process in the opposite direction as well. Next, you will want to point and flex your feet several times. You will feel your feet start to warm up and the muscles start to burn a little bit.  


Keep Your Feet Clean

Your feet are a method of transportation, making contact with the ground you walk on or the shoes you wear, picking up dirt, germs, and debris as you walk. For this reason, it is a very good idea that you wash your feet as often as you can. It is recommended to wash your feet once a day, but if washing them when you shower is more convenient, then be sure that you are at least giving them the attention they deserve. Washing your feet regularly can help you prevent irritation, which can contribute to calluses and cracks, and it can help protect you against fungal infections like toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. 


Don’t Wear Your Friends’ Footgear

One of the best things in life is having a friend with cool clothes that is the same size as you. Swapping clothes is a great way to try new styles, but you may want to re-think swapping footwear. You don’t know where your friend’s feet have been, and you can get fungal infections by wearing other people’s shoes, as well as socks worn by another person. It is best to stick to your own shoes and socks. 


Cut Toenails Properly

Cutting your toenails may seem like child’s play, but hey, we’re all human, and since there is a wrong way and a right way to do it, it is better to know what you’re doing. The golden rule for cutting your toenails is to cut them straight across. A slight curve is ok, but cutting too close or too rounded can damage the nail bed, not to mention it will cause your nails to curve more when they grow, resulting in an ingrown toenail.



You don’t have to give your feet the entire spa experience, but there are some good benefits of moisturizing your feet that you may want to partake in. Feet dry out more easily than any other part of the body because they contain a lot of sweat glands that don’t keep moisture in. Dry climates and spending too long in the shower or the bath can contribute to the dryness of your feet. Dryness can lead to rough feet, of course, which leads to cracks that have the potential to become painful, and even infected. 

A good time to moisturize is after you bathe while your feet are still a little soft and damp. Moisturizers that contain urea, lactic acid, or salicylic acid will work best for your feet as they work well on exfoliating dead, dry skin. But the one caveat is to not over-moisturize between the toes because it is easier for moisture to become trapped here, which can lead to skin problems. 

Try SteriShoe

Caring for your shoes inevitably cares for your feet, as your feet spend most of their time in shoes. Using SteriShoe, which not only dries your shoes out with the built-in fan but also kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria in your shoes, which improves your foot health and also keeps them safe from infection. Using a powerful UV light, you can deodorize your shoes and keep them clean for their next use. To learn more about shoe deodorizers and sanitizers, visit our online store.

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