Winter Foot Care Tips

Winter Foot Care Tips

As we get further into the colder months, it may be easy to think that we don’t need to pay as much attention to our feet as we do in the warmer months when they are exposed. Heavy socks and boots don’t protect our feet from many common ailments as much as we think they might, making it important to continue to regularly take note of how your feet are looking and feeling. Keep reading for tips on how to maintain foot health through days of snow and cold weather. One of the best ways to ensure foot health year-round is with SteriShoe, a podiatrist recommended shoe insert that works by using UV rays to kill 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria that come into contact with its light. Try SteriShoe today and take the first step in preventative foot care!

Wear Comfortable Boots

Property-fitting footwear is important in any kind of weather, and wearing boots that fit comfortably and that aren’t too tight can improve your foot health more than you may think. Tight footwear can decrease blood flow, making it harder to keep your feet warm, increasing the risk of frostbite, or flaring up conditions such as Chilblains, Raynaud’s, and bunions. A helpful reminder when buying boots is that you should be able to wiggle your toes, but your heel, instep, and the ball of your foot should be sturdy in your shoe. Boots should have a solid base, supportive heel, and laces or straps to ensure that you’re able to remain stable on wet and slippery surfaces. 

If you are purchasing winter gear for your children, like winter boots, skates, or ski boots, avoid buying a larger size in order to get two seasons of wear out of the shoes. It is crucial for footwear to fit properly right away in order to prevent chafing, blisters, and foot injuries. 

Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

You should be washing your feet every day, or at least every time you hop in the shower. Keeping feet clean can prevent toenail fungus and other unpleasant problems. It is also imperative that your feet and your shoes are completely dry before you slip your shoes on again. In the winter, this may present a few challenges, as snow and slush may make it difficult to keep your shoes dry, but doing this will help prevent your feet from getting cold quickly as well as prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria. 

This point also comes down to the kind of socks that you wear. Socks can easily get damp if they don’t wick away moisture properly, especially if they are stuffed in boots all day. Wet, sweaty feet can lead to skin problems, making it important to invest in a good collection of moisture-wicking materials, such as cotton and wool rather than synthetic blends, to help keep your skin from getting too damp during the day. You may have to change pairs a couple of times per day if necessary.  

A great way to keep your feet dry is using the fan setting on SteriShoe. All you need to do is press the SteriShoe button to start a cycle, and then click the fan button, and the fan will run for up to 8 hours after the sanitization cycle is complete. This feature, which effectively dries out damp or wet shoes, is a great option to dry your shoes quietly while you sleep. Instead of throwing them in the dryer and hearing them clunk around, the fan is quiet and works just like a boot dryer. It is especially useful if you are using your shoes every day! 


Keep Up With Nail Care

When your feet are out of sight, stuffed away in boots or other winter-appropriate footwear, you may start to neglect your toenails. One of the biggest causes of infection in the feet are poorly kept nails, making it important to care for your nails correctly. Nails should be clipped straight across, which will prevent the edges of the toenail from going inward. Fungal nail infections are quite common for those with diabetes, making it very important year-round. 

Try SteriShoe

After a long day of wearing your snowshoes, skiing boots, or snow boots, make sure you are doing what you can to eliminate your chances of developing a foto infection. Keep your shoes clean by using SteriShoe, a podiatrist-recommended shoe insert sanitizer that uses UVC light to kill 99.9% of germs that come in contact with its light. Not only that, but SteriShoe also works to deodorize your shoes, so you can worry less about the odor that you smell when you take them off. Try SteriShoe today by shopping our products. 

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